An Apology For Being A Bad Blogger and #myjoyproject

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know my virtual arse from my virtual elbow. I do have a half decent brain in my head somewhere, so I quickly got to grips with hitting post and making my fonts look nice. What I didn’t understand was that to be a blogger, you have to read other people’s blogs too.

A blog can’t exist in a vacuum – unless you are seriously lucky and have a lot of people willing to share your stuff; those other bloggers are going to be your audience, at least to begin with that. More than that, they are the people who will become your friends and confidantes. Most of the bloggers I know have little blogging buddy circles, I’m lucky enough to be in a fabulous one myself.

However, I have come to realise that recently I have been taking them for granted. I haven’t been letting them know how much I appreciate and value them. Do you know how I have been doing that? I’ve been too lazy to comment on their blogs. Don’t get me wrong – I read them, and I’ll always RT them if I see them pop up, but I haven’t been taking the time to say “This has resonated with me” “This has made me feel x”…and I feel bad about it. I’ve been been saving all my comment love for linky’s, for when I *have* to comment – I’ve forgotten how it feels to get those unsolicited comments just because people are enjoying (or disagreeing with!) what you are writing.

So, in an effort to remedy that, I promise to comment on at least three blogs a day – not because I’m in a pod, or a linky, or a chat, but just to rediscover that joy in reading other peoples brilliant writing and to be a better blogger myself. I’ll be using my own little hashtag to share the posts too, so if you spot #myjoyproject, that’s just me trying to remind myself of the best bit of blogging – reading other people’s blogs!

Feel free to join me!


14 thoughts on “An Apology For Being A Bad Blogger and #myjoyproject

  1. What a very lovely idea and, as a surprise recipient of your #myjoyproject (a lovely tweet and comment), I can tell you it meant a lot. It has also inspired me to comment and spread a little blog joy myself. Thank you Sarah!

  2. Love this Zilla. I feel exactly the same and have removed myself from all pods. I want to go back to reading the blogs and posts that I like! x

  3. I THINK THIS IS AWESOME. Shouty capital awesome. I feel so much like this lately, I read lots of stuff still but don’t seem to have the time to comment as I am stretched so thin over 1000 different groups and have so many posts to write and so little time…I miss retweeting all of the tribal stuff everyday and sitting down with a cuppa and sobbing and laughing at all your posts. I need to sort my shit out and get back to enjoying this…xx

  4. That’s a lovely idea. I genuinely try to do this… Although I love linkys sometimes I don’t always find a post I really WANT to comment on. So I always comment when I love something. ❤️

  5. Weirdly I was just thinking the same thing. I decided last night that I’d write two unsolicited comments a day – one on the way to work , one on the way back.

    So here I am! (Just passing through East Croydon actually)

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