Back To School Blues

Ah, September again. Beginnings and endings. The boy is in Year 3 now – his fourth year of school, where did that time go? This summer seems to have mainly consisted of him eating and getting tall and losing his front teeth. Well one’s gone and the other is on it’s last legs (or whatever it is that teeth have).

I’m feeling quite morose about the teeth thing I must admit. He’s growing up really quickly. So quickly in fact that it’s made me have a serious think about how much he’s going to feature in this blog from now on – he’s almost old enough to find it and read it himself, and I know for a fact a couple of his friend’s older sisters are aware of it.

With that in mind, I don’t think I will be writing specifically about him any more. Not like this, and not like I used to. I’ll still talk about parenting and he’ll still feature in reviews of things that involve in, but I won’t be writing anything else in case it somehow embarrasses him in some way now or in the future .

But this I will say, in case he is reading one day. How I love you, my little boy. Your hand is too big now for my fingers to close completely around it, but I still find it in mine if I ask. Long may it continue.

Dog and boy laying on a rug

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