Chucklemums Rebranded!



Welcome to Week 20 of the new and improved #Chucklemums, with the roarsome foursome.

Yes, hips don’t lie, there are now four of us running the only linky to amuse your bouche into a mighty cackle.

Your hosts are me –  Sarah (Mumzilla), Sam (Mouse, Moo & Me Too), Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine), and Beth (Beta Mummy).

Our Queen of Funny Fran has been nominated for Best Comic Writer at the Mumsnet Blogging Awards in November. If you have two seconds of your life to spare, she would love your vote!

Week 19 gave us some rather splendid lols, and we chose two winners. Twice Microwaved Tea is getting ready to become a Bake Off pro and Phil Refuelled is up to the 100 word challenge.

Congrats lovelies – swing by and collect your  #PantsAward badges here.

We’re organised little bees and have stored all of the previous winners HERE, so if you’ve got a spare ten hours then do mooch over and have a read through.

New Shiny Things!

In the name of all things progressive, we’re dipping our #Chucklemums fingers into all sorts of pies. We now have a swanky Facebook page, where we’ll share the winning posts each week as well as various witterings. So you’d better like the page, innit.

We’re also opening up a spanking new Instagram tag and hosting a monthly collection of funny photos, designed to make us laff. If they tie in with your linked post, all the better. So, from the 1st of each month, just use the #Chucklemums hashtag and tag our usernames, and we’ll choose our favourite at the end of the month. The winner will get a supersexy Instapants badge, wooo!

Please please go and check out the rules here – there have been a few changes

Please copy the code below to display our beaut of a badge on your post.


Now, add your link (make sure you put your blog name or twitter handle!)!

Lots of love from the #Chucklemums!

Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine) Sam (Mouse, Moo & Me Too), Beth (Beta Mummy) and Me! xxx


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