You think I would have learnt my lesson by now. When your child wanders past with their scissors (not my sharp pointy ones, I hasten to add in case the parenting police are reading – they were his crappy plastic ones, which I thought could do no damage) you should KNOW that something naughty is afoot.

This particular piece of naughtiness was a corker – he’d gone into his Dad’s wallet, pulled out a £20 note and snipped it in half. I found its sorry remains on the floor. There may have been shouting.

Rian then disappeared into my office, only to emerge upon questioning with this cack-handed attempt at fixing the damage.

boy with a guilty face

Just look at that face! I love him so much, the little bugger.

It got me thinking though that this would be a hilarious Instagram community – I’m sure loads of us have got naughty little children who have been caught in the act with their #guiltylittleface on? Have you got any? I’d love to see them! Upload and tag away and let me know that I’m not alone!

Needless to say all snipping is now done under my watchful eye!







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20 thoughts on “#guiltylittleface

  1. Cheeky pickles these children if ours! I missed the opportunity to snap a pic, but I caught my son chomping away on dog food yesterday! Fab idea for instagram, must remember it for the next time my pickles get up to something naughty. Amy x #picknmix

  2. Haha! Amelia has plenty of these! The day before her first birthday when mummy was frantically trying to make sure her cake was a success and made on time and the little nightmare emptied an entire pot of double cream on the floor! She thought it was pretty hilarious when she was slipping all over like a new born elephant! Then just a few days ago she was joyfully shouting ‘egg!’ in the kitchen then I found her surrounded by cracked eggs.. children hey! #picknmix

  3. Haha! When my Biggest was just over two he cut chunks out of our tv with a pair of scissors that had left too close to the counter. He had them for all of twenty seconds but I was so relieved that he didn’t injure himself I *almost* didn’t care that we had to buy a new tv… thanks so much for linking with #KCACOLS. We hope you come back next week.

  4. My eldest once used those sorts of scissors to take a big chunk of hair off of his brother’s head, right from the middle so he ended up with a bald patch and had to wear a hat for months in public ha! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  5. Haha! Oh dear! Love your instagram idea! Shame I’m not on instagram & don’t use photos of the kids online as my youngest in particular is queen of the #guiltylittleface!

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics

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