A New Years Resolution…in July

This year I decided to make three New Year Resolutions – lofty ambitions for a woman who has only ever managed to keep one resolution. Ever.

So, my three resolutions:

Be a better parent

Shift some arse

Start a blog

It’s July and I haven’t really stuck to any of them (except the being a better parent thing – I do really try at that all the time. I’m not sitting on my neglected child here I promise. He’s at nursery, being very not neglected. I’m thinking about taking him out for some tea and everything)

Anyway, so. In regards to shifting some arse, I have actually been doing a weekly personal training class. And I haven’t been sick once! I have however, only managed to shift 2% body fat. In 6 weeks. FML.

So I thought I would finally get started on resolution no.3. The scariest one. The Blog. Which I’ve decided to call Mumzilla as it’s quite appropriate – I tend to clomp around, trying not to shout or break things.

Hope you (if there’s ever a you) like it.

PS that one resolution I managed to keep? Depriving myself of sugar in my tea. I switched to caramel lattes instead..

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