I’m going to #BML 2016!

I’m so excited to be going to BritMums live this year! I was actually there last year, but on a job not as a blogger. I didn’t start blogging til last summer. Then I stopped. Then I started again this year – properly this time! And because I want to keep going and I’m having such a good time doing it, a conference is exactly what I need. And the food was awesome last year so…

Anyway, here’s my intro!

My name: Sarah
My blog: www.mumzilla.co.uk

Find me on social media at:

Twitter: @themumzilla

Instagram: @themumzilla

Pinterest: @mumzillauk

How I look:

This is me! Dorky face and glass in hand – can’t miss me!
I will be wearing…

I actually wrote a post about what I would like to be wearing, but I will most likely rock up in jeans and a tshirt!

Who am I looking forward to meeting?

Cannot wait to meet my tribe! I’m super excited about meeting all of them, but especially Em, Helen and Min because they make me laugh so much and I loved their blogs before I got to know them online, so there’s the added fangirl element going on!

What I hope to gain from #BML16:

A chance to meet my friends and get some tips, and have a cracking time!


11 thoughts on “I’m going to #BML 2016!

  1. I swear that I read this and was like “ooh which Emma is this then?” I did not expect it to be me and I let a little squeal (and almost a wee because I was bursting) as I was sat in the school carpark. I cant believe your lovely words but what I can’t believe more is that I am am going to meet the AMAZING Sarah from Mumzilla – yaaay! πŸ™‚ xxx

    1. I also am looking forward to meeting you the mostest! I want to see if your hair is as awesome as Beta-Mummy’s

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