I’m sorry son, but your Mummy is a slob

Isn’t that a horrible word?

Slob. Slob. Doesn’t look any better in italics.

Trouble is, I’m a terrible one for slobbing. Go for a walk? When the sofa is so comfy and warm, and there are books and TV and the internets?

I used to get out and about more – any Mum will tell you that getting out of the house with the kids is an essential part of the day. They are strapped in to the pushchair and you can walk around in a half-asleep daze while they burble at garden walls and point out every single dog poo. Massive fun.

Now though, the boy has to go to school. As a currently unemployed personage, I suddenly have free time. Now, I’m *fairly* sure I should be doing something nasty like housework, but my inclination is to plop on the sofa and open the laptop and natter to my tribesters all day.

Enough! I need to sort my life out! So I have decided to set myself some anti-slob goals. Indeed, I will set myself some Super-Mum goals! Don’t laugh, these are baby steps.

Super-Mum Action Plan

  1. Tidy the house before going anywhere near laptop
  2. Do a wash every day so not faced with Mount Everest once a week, which always results in desperate cursing as I search for matching socks on a Thursday morning
  3. Play in the garden with the boy after school (note: put sports bra on and visit toilet before attempting to jump on the knicker-wetter-boob-wrecker)
  4. Get the boy to help me make dinner rather than plonking him in front of the telly (see this post!)
  5. Stop covetously eyeing the wine at 5.30, have squash instead

I think that’s an achievable start on my journey to Super-Mumdom – what do you think? What are your mini-Mum-goals?


My nemesis – the knickerwetterboobwrecker. Also really should mow grass.


5 thoughts on “I’m sorry son, but your Mummy is a slob

  1. Oh I love your name for the trampoline. I avoid those at all costs after a nasty accident at a theme park and no spare clothes… Although I can’t agree on your last point. Especially not with summer approaching… 5.30 seems quite reasonable ⭐️

  2. is it bad that I was almost grateful for the late start to spring weather? I think we have done yard work one day, and the rest (due to rain I swear or imminent rain) we have stayed inside. Good to know I am not the only one with a laundry mountain! Though with a daughter she can wear mismatched socks and it’s cute!

  3. Lol at the trampoline! I tried to get the kids involved in helping me make dinner. It didn’t go well…. Late me know how you get on 🙂

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