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I was nattering last night on Whatsapp with some of my blogging buddies who are going to Britmums on Saturday. I’m SO excited to meet them. But that’s another post.

One of the girls mentioned she’s been working on her ‘elevator pitch’. For one brief moment I wondered what possible link there could be with a parenting blog working with lifts before my brain kicked in and said YOU used to need an elevator pitch, moron.

Basically, it’s an American term (obviously) for saying what you do quickly, confidently and succinctly in a minute or so. It’s not called a lift pitch because British people don’t ask strangers they meet in lifts what their occupation is, they stand there awkwardly praying they won’t fart or at a push, if they are a bit drunk, might make a complaint about the weather. American’s however, are all about the chat, and what you do is always the first question.

The whole idea of describing my blog in a nutshell has sent me in to a bit of a tailspin. It’s made me realise it still doesn’t really have a voice, or a direction. It’s kind of self-deprecating. I tend to only write posts with a specific idea in mind – I never usually witter. But I like wittering – maybe I should witter more? I’ve started doing recipes – which I LOVE. But girls cannot live by recipes alone. I also really enjoy my wish list posts, and anything lifestyle. I don’t really write as much about the boy as I thought I would. Am I a parenting blog, in all honesty? Or am I always writing about me?

How would you describe your blog if you got stuck in a lift with a stranger?

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9 thoughts on “In A Nutshell

  1. Oooo good questions…I do think it’s tough to think about your own blog like this, particularly if you do a bit of everything and all sorts. It’s something I really need to think about in the next four days…can I practice on you lot first before I have to speak to anyone in any actual proper way! Do you follow BritMums on FB? There’s a post recently with an infographics about what to think about, it was quite interesting. See you Saturday!! Xx

  2. Very good question – how would I describe my blog if I got stuck in a lift with a stranger? Well for starters I wouldn’t be in a lift as I’m claustrophobic! But if I met a random and started chatting ( which I probably wouldn’t do either!) I would say I blog about parenting bits and bobs, some book reviews and a little bit of what I fancy!
    To be honest I really would not know what to say. I blog about anything and everything within reason. I could do with having a good think about what I actually blog about!

    #triballove xx

  3. “A light hearted family lifestyle blog, written by renowned comedienne, #chucklemums host and HuffPoUK blogger The Mumzilla.” That’s your elevator pitch by the way, not mine. I haven’t stolen your identity!

  4. Thank you for writing this!! Since the whole lift thingie came up I have been questionning everything about my blog. Why do I do it? What do I want from it? Where do I see it going? As a result of the constant questions I have been feeling really meh towards blogging this week and lacking my usual enthusiasm. I feel in a total slump and that is not like me. I usually never have a plan and just roll with it but Ishould I have a plan? Do I need a plan? I think not. Brit Mums nerves have got the best of me. Although I really need to come up a way of explaining my blog that is succient and to the point, unlike me and this comment 😉

    1. How funny that it’s set us both off! I also had a post turned down for HuffPo – I think it was automatic as an under 500 word thing but still threw me – now I think I’m incapable of anything! I’m pretty sure BML will give us loads of inspo! Thanks lovely xxx

  5. Thank you for writing this…I’ve been umming and ahhing about the elevator pitch thing too, and am completely stumped as to how I would describe my blog! I think it’s made us all think about everything to do with our blog so much, the nerves are hard sometimes 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you on Saturday! Xx #triballove

  6. Interesting.. Was thinking about it myself too today as I was trying to write a short blurb on my about page. I’m about feminism , mental health and ASD. I sound fun don’t I ??

  7. I’ve been thinking a lot about that recently. I don’t think I have a niche to exploit or anything I can specifically say I write about. I think my tag would be..”I babble a lot because I think I’m funny.” I’m thinking about putting that on business cards!

    Lucy xx

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