iPhone RAGE

So I was going to write a lovely post about how much fun we had at Blackgang Chine the other day, followed by the beach. I’d taken some lovely photo’s, including some very precious ones of RJ sandcastle building with his Nanny and Great-nana – how many more times might that happen?

Then I started the post, uploaded the pictures. Only I’m not very good with Windows 8 (WHERE DID MY SCREEN GO?! WTF ARE THESE TILES?! ad infinitum) and I hit the wrong upload option and had to delve into the iphone instead. I copied over one ‘stream’ (thanks Apple, you overcomplicating wankers) and then went back in and deleted what I thought was the same stream. It wasn’t. I’ve lost all of them. Every recovery tool I’ve tried has failed to work. I’m so gutted and annoyed with myself for rushing while I had a minute to myself.

So, sorry Blackgang, you aren’t getting a post. Nor are you, beautiful Seagrove Bay. I’ll start with today instead, but not tonight. Tonight is for wine.

IMG_1955RJ’s “Mummy you are dumb” face…apt.

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  1. I realise I’ve liked this but I didn’t mean that I actually liked it- that would be horrible! I’m so sorry for you! I’m really struggling with my iPhone at the moment- getting the pics off it is a major headache and very stressful! I hope the wine helped.

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