A Letter To My Boy, Now You Are Six

It really doesn’t seem like much time has passed since I sat down to write you a letter for your 5th birthday.  You’ve changed a lot since then.

You are such a beautiful little boy. Someone said to me just yesterday that you have the biggest, brightest eyes – you really do. It makes me happy just looking at you.

I must say though that you are still a naughty little beast, driving me round the bend on a regular basis. You are stubborn and wilful and oh so mercurial. I never know what mood is going to take you next. Your tantrums are getting fewer now – I think (and fervently hope) and you are understanding emotions – your own and other people’s, but you aren’t always getting it. Tiredness and being perma-hungry are the main reasons for your tempers usually!

Speaking of the ever present desire for snacks, boy have you grown. You’re one of the tallest boys in your class and you felt heavier to lift just yesterday. How long before I can’t carry you on my hip anymore?

You’re doing well at school, and you love it, which is more important. You hate doing any homework, but we are told that in class you are keen and diligent and always try your best. It’ll come, and I hope you’ll always love to learn.

We got a new addition in our home this week, our little puppy Evie, and I’m looking forward to seeing you both grow like weeds over this next year in our new home too!

I love you little boy, mills and mills and mills.

Mummy xxx

boat trip on the thames

Boy and puppy

One thought on “A Letter To My Boy, Now You Are Six

  1. Such a lovely letter. I agree he has the most beautiful eyes. I often wonder how much longer I will be able to carry my boy too. Sometimes I struggle to lift him up but he love being carried. They sure seem to grow quicker as the years go by x

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