A Month In Review – September

Hello, October, you’ve rolled around rather quickly. I must admit I’m generally not a fan of your mizzog weather tendencies but you’ve been delightful so far so I’ll forgive you this year.

Well, September. You were rather interesting weren’t you. My goals for September were simple:

Goals for September:

1: Get 2,000 page views on the giveaway

2: Make a success of #BloggersBeatingCancer

3: Learn how to use my new camera

For once, I managed to do pretty well on all my goals! My review had over 3,000 views….! Couldn’t believe it. Considering that’s probably not all of them either (due to a google analytics and jetpack deleting catastrophe, I’ve only been able to see my analytics from the 9th of this month and lost all my historic figures, gah!) I’m very pleased indeed – September had my highest views by a long shot. This was also partly due to goal 2. My lovely friend Emma from Island Living 365 and I launched the #BloggersBeatingCancer virtual coffee morning, which was held on the 30th and has so far raised over a thousand pounds for two cancer charities. We are both thrilled, and can’t wait to do more.

I’ve also really enjoyed playing with my new toy. I wouldn’t say I’ve learned all it’s tricks, but the pointing and shooting I’ve done has been fab – check out some of my favourite shots at the end of the post!

High Points Of The Month:

1: Getting some paid work

2: The success of the giveaway

3: Invites to food events

I’ve had 3 paid opps this month, which is just brilliant. I’ve decided that the goal I want for my blog is to make enough pin money to pay someone else to do my housework. I hate it that much! That’s a good goal right?!

I was so pleased with the giveaway, so many lovely brands pitched in, they saw a real boost in their social media exposure and the prize winners were all really pleased. Fingers crossed all the deliveries go smoothly!

I had such a laugh at the pickling event I managed to wangle an invite to, and I have had 2 other foodie opps this month which I’m pleased about because I’m really enjoying the recipes side of the blog.

Goals for October:

1: Pitch a brand for a review

2: Keep up the higher views

3: Keep up the social media increases

I’ve set myself some tricky ones this month – I’ll need to really work on my promotion to keep the views up because they were artificially inflated somewhat last month, but if I work really hard I could do it. I want to write a pitch as a way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone – I would much rather compulsively check my inbox in the hope they’ll come to me, but that’s not the way to be successful, you need to put yourself out there after all…! Wish me luck…

Blogs I’ve Loved This Month:

Not a stand alone post, rather a linky, it’s one I love – #EatSleepBlogRT by Petite Pudding. Less commenting, more sharing – brilliant for when you are time poor but still want to show the love! Runs Sunday – Tuesday.

All of Emma’s #BloggersBeatingCancer posts – she worked her bum off and I’m so proud of her. Here’s the latest.

Here are some pics from my new baby:

icing pouring on a cake

boy on a bridge

Rocky Road

spoon licking boy



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