Mummy & RJ day

After last week’s wash out and wonky rocket, I was glad that this Friday was sunny and warm.

We started off the day with a haircut, which luckily for me, RJ actually enjoys because he gets to sit in a little tractor and gets a lolly afterwards.

Afterwards we headed for Stratford, and the Olympic Park, where they have a brilliant kiddy funfair on at the moment.

On the way RJ decided to play up on the train. He’s really pushing his boundaries at the moment – and as long as he’s not putting himself in any trouble, I’m inclined to let him. In this case it was sitting up by the tube doors.

Hopefully this won’t backfire on me and make him ignore all his other boundaries!

After spending a bloody fortune on school shoes in Westfields we headed over to the Olympic Park. It was 4 year old heaven, and Mumzilla hell.

There are loads of rides for kids, plus a little beach of all things (and a bar, thank god. Not that I indulged this time as I was on my own with him!)

We went on the flying swings (not too scary)

The trampolines (bit scary)

The MASSIVE slide (frankly terrifying)

[wpvideo 0TkItZYE]
And we finished up with the somewhat more sedate mini boats.

You have to buy £1 tokens for the rides, which are between 2-4 tokens each (the boats and mini rollercoaster were 4, the trampoline and flying swings were 2 and 10 minutes on the mega slide of death was 3)

Polished off with a hot dog and burger for lunch (standard manky funfair fare) the whole day cost me about £30 which I thought was a bit steep but I didn’t mind after last week’s soft play let down. I should have got a bucket & spade to make the most of the beach as well but after watching the boy on all the rides I was starting to flake so was happy to schlep home and get ready for a date night with RJs daddy – thanks to the little sis for babysitting!

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