My first vlog!

Ooh, get me! I had a microsecond to myself while the boys ran to the park and my uncle & aunt & Max were at the surf shop so I decided to do a quick video tour of our caravan. I love a caravan. 

Excuse it’s a) crappy editing b) my mad hairs and c) wonky shooting & lisping commentator. I didn’t know I lisped!!
Would love to know what you think! I will try and embed it properly when I get to my PC.


Friday Fabulous

One thought on “My first vlog!

  1. Fab, love it! Very brave too, I made Sophia be in our cooking one, with me blabbering away in the background. What a lovely caravan, I hope the sun kept shining for you. Whereabouts in Devon was it? Thank you for linking up to #FridayFabulous

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