Nextbase DashCam

I haven’t mentioned it yet on the blog (things have been a bit quiet around here recently I must admit) but I managed to achieve a life goal this year, and, aside from parenting, it’s easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Yes, I finally passed my driving test! And now I have a car!

Naturally, then receiving an invitation to review something for said car was just serendipity. So, here goes! Who has a dashcam? Why have a dashcam?

Well,  I don’t know about you, but I think I’m a pretty safe driver. It’s everyone else who drives like maniacs. Having a dashcam actually makes me feel a bit safer – I’ll always be able to prove what happens, or even help catch said maniacs (like the idiot who cut me up on a roundabout and then razzed off down the wrong side of the road and ended up driving on the pavement because there was a truck there. Yes really. Unfortunately, did not have dashcam then…)

Anyway, I was sent a lovely Nextbase DashCam. It was really easy to set up and pop up in the car, though I’m yet to work out what to do with all the wires – I’ve kind of shoved them round the passenger sun visor and across the floor, but it’s not ideal – the instructions on how to pin the wire could be better, but sticking and aiming was easy enough. 

Nextbase DashCam

Yes, that is a one-eyed unicorn on my dash. What of it?

Anyway, this is a sexy piece of kit. Not only does it record journeys and send them to your phone, it also has parking sensors (which make it turn on and record should it sense movement or bumps) and you can use it to send SOS calls in the event of an accident. There’s a button on the camera itself that protects files if something does happen, and you can pop the sim into an adaptor that will go into your laptop or PC.

It even has Alexa! Not that I’ve spoken to mine just yet, too busy concentrating on driving still. I’m looking forward to telling it to tell my heating to come on at home though when it gets a bit colder – you can connect it to your smart gadgets there too!

Nextbase have managed to bag themselves ten Which? Best Buy awards over the last five years, which is pretty impressive. They are also running a great deal from 15th October to 18th November this year with Halfords – if you trade in any old dashcam or SatNav (doesn’t have to be working) then you’ll get 20% off one of these top of the range DashCams. What’s more, some insurers will give you money off your insurance if you own one (SureThing offer 25% off if you have a series 2 model!) 

So quick, have a scoot over there and bag a bargain!

Nextbase DashCam

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