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I have some very creative friends, who can make beautiful things. One of them made me the most beautiful cut out of my favourite poem. In return I wrote her a poem when she had her little girl.

It’s embarrassing, poetry. Do people like it out of politeness? Is it awful? God knows but I enjoy writing it. Here’s the end article anyway – I wrote it over a year ago and haven’t written anything since, maybe I’ll start a poets corner here!
Wishes for Carey

There are lots of wishes I could make

I could wish for so many silly things

But what I wish for glorious Carey

Is a happy heart that sings

I wish for her to see true colours

To have the strength that only kindness brings

For her to laugh, to jump, to dance

To find the place from which magic springs

To have a childhood painted with summer

One that gives her starlight wings


These things I wish for Carey

These things sheโ€™ll have galore

These things I know youโ€™ll give to her

These things and so much more

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12 thoughts on “Poet’s corner

  1. What a lovely poem! And I’m not just liking it to be polite. I particularly love the line about starlight wings. What a wonderful gift for a friend.

  2. I love poetry, reading and writing it, and this is really beautiful. I’m glad you’re sharing it. You’d be a great addition on my #TreasuredMoments linky if you’d like to join in

  3. What a wonderful gift for your friend, it’s beautiful. I love the lines ‘I wish for her to see true colours / To have the strength that only kindness brings’. I know exactly what you mean about poetry, I never thought I would write it and I often wonder what people really think when they read it. It’s such a personal thing to write x #prose4t

  4. I am always truthful with my comments when it comes to poetry – and I love writing and reading it. One of the things I love about it is that it is exclusive and personal and a fantastic gift – you have given this to your friend and done a brilliant job. You should definitely write more. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  5. That is quite lovely. And what an awesome gift. Mother wrote a poem for my cousin and it made my Aunty cry which I believe was the desired result Mother and Father had I carry your heart as a reading at their wedding x

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