A (Radio) Star Is Born

Yep, you read that right! I was on the radio! Me!

I’d been (not) minding my own business on twitter when a little note popped up from a producer at Key 103, a Manchester radio station. I don’t know how they found me, but find me they did and they wanted to speak to me about new research that has been published on the subject of the first year of parenting.

The research states that a whopping percentage of parents don’t think they were prepared for how bloody hard it is. I think 50% claimed in fact to be ‘shocked’ by how hard it is. The station wanted to speak to me, because apparently I am an ‘honest’ blogger – not afraid to say it how it is (just crap sometimes!) or sugarcoat the realities with twee little speeches about treasuring every moment (why would you treasure getting shit on your leg? Why?)

We chatted about the stresses that new parents face, the difficulties that both parents can encounter. I was so nervous I was shaking, and I accidentally did a swear (which I think they muted out, so all you can actually hear is me apologising for doing a swear. Typical)

Anyway, if you fancy a listen, I’ve put the interview on my YouTube channel and here is a link!

Mumzilla on Key 103

One thought on “A (Radio) Star Is Born

  1. Just listened and you did really well. It must have been really nerve wracking doing it over the phone! I think I would have hated that x ps good plug for the blog!

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