Reflections on 2019…

I don’t know if I have regular readers, or if I just type into the ether and get the occasional hit off googlebots, but should I have any, you may have noticed I have been rather quiet for the past year. In fact I only posted eight times…whoops. But, I have a terrific excuse! I wasn’t being lazy! I was absolutely smashing one of my New Year Resolutions…!

So last year I resolved to:

  1. Train the dog not to be a head case
  2. Keep driving
  3. Write!

And guess what? Well, the dog is still a headcase but I can drive! I passed my test in April and I’m still ecstatic about it. I still have the driving anxiety unfortunately, but I’m powering through and I love having a little car to pootle around in.

Better – yes really! – than that though, the writing course I chucked an application at on the penultimate day of 2018 only went and accepted me. It was the Faber Academy Writing a Novel course, and I had the best time and met some fantastic people who I adore and meet up with fortnightly still to discuss writing. Because I’m a writer now! I wrote a whole book! And I even got an agent omgomgomg!! The fabulous Felicity Blunt at Curtis Brown is my agent and I’m bruised from pinching myself so often. I’ve just finished another round of edits with her and I’m really hoping it will be ready for touting soon…watch this space…!

Seeing as I got 2/3 last year I’ll make three new resolutions this year…

  1. Train the dog not to be a headcase (hmm)
  2. Get fit (yes really – I don’t want to be forty and have a heart attack just from walking up the stairs)
  3. Write another book

Wish me luck!

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