Rock climbing for 4 year olds

Yes really. I let my four year old climb a climbing wall.

I used to be a hover parent, trying to hold on to the boy as he came down the firemans pole, standing right behind him as he climbed the equipment in the park.

Then I met my sister at the park, where she’d taken RJ, and she was busy gassing to some random and the boy was just running amok – and he was fine. He is more than capable of holding on, swinging round and going more than .5mph on the roundabout.

So today we found a climbing wall next to Lake Windermere run by a friend of my friends husband. RJ practically had heart shapes for eyes looking at it, and begged me to let him have a go. The guy said as long as the harness fit, he could try.

And fit it did. So up he went.

And up.

And up.

Right to the top!

How brave is that? I couldn’t do it (no one would want to be climbing up after I’d been up there!)

He even had a go at the other walls with his Uncle Oli

What an amazing boy I have. Much braver than his Mummy!

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  1. Fantastic. Well done to him! He did an amazing job, it’s so high! My friend takes her young children to a climbing wall and they love it too. We really should try it.
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsBeKids

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