Something Special

There’s something truly special about seeing your children play with the children of the people you grew up with. In my case this is my two best friends from school.

One of us only has a little baby, who featured in one of my first posts. Anna has three boys -a nearly four year old and 15 month identical twins.

The two oldest boys have been playing together quite well for the most of it – though I did catch G kneeling on RJs head during a dispute about trains yesterday. Apart from that though it’s been lovely watching them getting to know each other this week. Hopefully we’ll do this every year.

I just wish there wasn’t 300 miles between us.



5 thoughts on “Something Special

  1. I love all of your pictures. My best friend lives about 6 hours away. All of her children are older than my son, but whenever I see them interact with him it makes my heart melt. I find myself reminiscing on when her oldest son was my son’s age.

  2. Oh, these are such wonderful photos.
    We moved around a LOT when I was a kid, so unfortunately I’m not friends with anyone I grew up with. I’ll bet you deal with lots of mischief when the kids all get together! Thanks for sharing <3

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