Sports Day!

I’ve been looking forward to Sports Day for ages.

I loved it as a child, especially  when we used to do the fun stuff like the obstacle race and the egg and spoon race. I never liked later sports days – I was always coerced into running the 1500 or 800 metres, even though I have the stamina of an elderly frog. I once faked a collapse after about 273m in order to just stop the pain.

I was rather upset to hear that there would be no parent races. I guess such debacles as the great Sports Day Fiasco of 1987, when, on a single day, no less than two pairs of trousers were split up the bottom and three Dad’s got in a fight in the threelegged race after some poor sportsmanship and bad refereeing, have put schools off. That and being sued for twanged achilles heels and the like.

It’s probably for the best, I have a usually well hidden competitive streak that likes to rear its ugly head on such occasions. I would undoubtedly have had to be carried from the field, muscles torn, the prize (no doubt wrestled from the actual winner, as I would have come last) clutched in my sweaty palms. There would have been sulking had I not won, and I probably would have stooped to any length to win, including but not limited to: tripping, pushing, biting and bribery.

But I digress, my long awaited glory was not to be, and I had to cheer on the boy instead. And try not to giggle at the ineptness of 5 year olds. They were adorable, but rubbish.

Here’s a commentary on the races:

“Windsor have dropped the ball again. Ben picks it up – no Ben! Over your head, Ben! And here’s Katie with the egg on the spoon…and she’s dropped it. Up it comes! Oh, it’s fallen off again. And again. Katie you aren’t allowed to KICK the egg over the finish line. Dayyan, stay in your lane! Stop looking at your Mum, you’re going to…Alfie, are you ok? No, I’m sure Dayyan didn’t run into you and knock you into Stefan and Ned on purpose. Come on, let’s start this one again…”

It was all in all though, everything I expected. And I was very proud that the boy won his individual race. IN YOUR FACES, OTHER MOTHERS! Ahem…

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21 thoughts on “Sports Day!

  1. Hi Sarah, i was never much one for Sports Day till i came over all competitive at my son’s first one. Took off my heels and insisted on running 100 mtrs down the tramlines even though there wasn’t a scheduled race. A few other mum’s joined in and though i didnt quite come last, it was such fun and tried to ignore the teachers’ “hmmm how do we put Jo on the naughty step” looks. Well done your boy for doing so well. He must be thrilled. Jo x #fortheloveofblog

  2. I was never never really into sports day at school, because I wasn’t very athletic and I’m pretty sure I never won a race. I seem to remember falling over during the three-legged race a lot. And why does every sports day have to involve the egg on a spoon thing? IT’S NOT A SPORT. #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. I adore sports day too – at primary school though – but now mine are at senior school it is all a bit competitive – unless you’re my daughter who insists on being the house mascot and donning the full-size tiger costume and running the mascot 100m race with hippos, bears, dragons and lions who can’t see out of the headpiece then that’s ok! Well done on the win though little zilla! #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. On our sports day we are not allowed to have winners…….Hmmmmmm……… not sure how I feel about that. This upsets Oldest greatly as she “won” but wasn’t allowed to say that. We also don’t have parent races. Boooooo!

    1. That’s such crap – there are always winners in this life, as you know yourself haha!! What’s the point in making an effort if there is no goal?! Xx

  5. I used to love joining in on Sports Day when I was at school. One thing that’d always make me laugh was the adult three-legged race. I always signed up to do the egg and spoon race, but never finished a race as my egg always dropped. #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. I am not a massive fan of Sports Day. We don’t have them in France. I am not sporty and as a teacher it’s pretty much boring, just policing all day. Having said that, I can understand it’s different when you’re a mum and it can get quite competitive. I got into it when I had my form and wanted them to do well. I can definitely imagine you running the mummies race. You will be a winner of course!


  7. Well done the boy!! This is great. I am so competitive … have a strange mix of eager anticipation and apprehension about how I will behave at NG’s first sport’s day in 2018. I might challenge other mums to a race for the hell of it if I’m feeling particularly bouncy. (Better start training …) #fortheloveofBLOG

  8. I did like junior sports day, but was always disappointed that my mother and father refused to do the parents’ races. Until I went back to watch my baby brother’s sports day and the rose tinted glasses fell from my eyes as I watched competitive parents limbering up, straining and elbowing each other as they hurtled towards the finish line. I am so relieved my parents never put me through that, even though I was too young to be embarrassed back then. #Chucklemums

  9. I am horrendously competitive so I am praying my son grows up with some sporting ability. He’s showing good signs already so there’s hope yet. Me on the other hand, those days are over and I will gladly retire to the sidelines to cheer as I slurp cocktails from a well-disguised thermos.

  10. I love sports day. I am so SO competitive and I am trying to prevent this happening to my girls. It was all well and good until my competitiveness started to trump my ability and I lost interest in any sport because I couldn’t win.

  11. Well done to your boy! I think it’s a shame that there are no more parents’ races though – a lovely reminder of youth, racing down the field! #chucklemums

  12. Sports day really does bring out the competitive beast in me! I always holler like a banshee when my kids are doing their races and do Andy Murray fist pumps if they get placed! It’s great when your own kids beat the annoying parent’s kids and like you say you can think to yourself ‘In your face’. I won the mums race last year but didn’t run in it this year (wanted to be remembered as winning it one year) and actually knowing I wouldn’t be running (toe problem) made the whole event more relaxing….#it’s all about me and i’m far too competitive #chucklemums

  13. As a reception teacher I’ll tell you a secret – I hate sports day! It is stressful trying not to lose the kids when they keep wandering off to parents, you have to be uber enthusiastic the whole time because the parents are watching you and you have to word everything so nicely when telling Tommy that he shouldn’t have thrown a beanbag at someone’s head because, again, the parents are watching. Actually I’ve realised its not the Sports Day, it’s the parents I’m joking of course……..sort of #chucklemums

  14. One of my greatest sports day moments was when I overtook a girl having an asthma attack on the last lap of the 1500 metre race so that I came 5th and not 6th (last). Just to note the girl made a full recovery.

  15. I used to quote sports day at school, I used to like getting the little stickers to wear on your top if you came 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I’ve always liked running so that might be why I enjoyed them, or that I’m not a massive fan of team sports. It looks like your Son had a great sports day, I’m already looking forward to the egg and spoon race with my little one. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire

  16. Haha! Yet to experience this with my kids, but I so agree with you – primary school sports days were always so much fun & hilarious! Secondary school sports days were rubbish. Though it has to be said, only if you got forced to participate in them. As long as you weren’t a competitor, it was an afternoon sitting on the field with your friends & an ice cream van. I should make clear that I managed to NEVER participate in a single event. As far as I am concerned, that means I won sports days! #chucklemums

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