How To Survive Shopping For School Shoes

Everyone warns you about this. The horror that is shopping for school shoes.

The problem is, it’s not an occasion when you can just order any old crap off the internet. You actually need to take them to a shop and get them fitted. They need to be comfortable, secure, and ideally have a bit of growing room. Last years survived the whole school year – they were totally disgusting, but they made it.

But jeez, the actual process of schlepping to the shops and fitting the bloody things. No kid I’ve heard about likes shopping for shoes. We have to get THREE pairs as well for the boy – white trainers and plimsolls as well as the obligatory chunky black ones.

Luckily I seem to have struck shoe shopping gold.

I started off by feeding and bribing the kid – a sandwich and a chocolate milkshake.

boy drinking milkshake

Then I took him to an awesome local shoe shop which has toys as well as shoes for him to look at while we queued (Sid & Evies, in South Woodford if you’re an East Londoner)

Happen to realise there is a PokeStop in range, and set a lure so the boy can also be entertained by catching Pokemon.

It was great! He was as good as gold. What a relief.

If you had a crappy time shoe shopping and now hate me, go and read Beta Mummy’s brilliant shoe shopping blog – you’ll feel a million times better. And if you haven’t been yet – good luck!

2 thoughts on “How To Survive Shopping For School Shoes

  1. Ha ha! Hate shoe shopping – well for school shoes obviously – if it’s for me and it involves Selfridges well that’s an entirely different thing! Well done you on your #parentingwin though! I’m just ordering my son’e shoes on line – he has size 9 feet – so out of the measuring stage thankfully! #triballove x

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