RJ is pretty smart. He picks things up quickly and remembers everything.

Anyway. Somewhere along the line the little bugger has not only heard the f word, but he’s also learnt how to use it in context.

He first started saying it at around 3 (along with “shit!” after I dropped the remote right on my toe) and we ignored him, and he *seemed* to stop saying either.

Recently he’s started with it again. I was trying to get him to undress himself and he was struggling with his jeans. He was getting annoyed and eventually burst out “these trousers are FUCKING” I was mortified. He knew it was a rude word as well, because he now refers to it as “the naughty word”

He threatens to use it too. His Dad was attempting to get him to go to bed the other night (he’s been poorly & dramatic) and he was going “Ffffff! Ffffff!”

I am stumped. I think he’s too old for us to just ignore it (although we try!) and he’s definitely going to use it around other kids. What do I do? Stick him in an parental advisory explicit content t-shirt? Apologise to every parent I meet in advance? Keep him away from all social situations until he’s 15?

Swearing doesn’t massively bother me to be honest, but it’s so not nice hearing it come out of his little mouth. I know he would have picked it up from one of us as well (he’s got “ears like a shit house rat” as his aunt so lovingly put it. No I don’t know what that means either.)

I’m also ashamed that he’s picked it up. I feel like I’ve spoilt him somehow, ruined something I didn’t realise was precious. It’s yet another thing to add to the “Terrible Mother” checklist.

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