The latest obsession

Currently the boy is a bit obsessed with Peter Pan, in any incarnation. It started off with Hook, continued into Return to Neverland¬†and is currently centred on Peter Pan, a version I hadn’t seen until last week (but have now seen approximately 11 times)

We tend to have a lot of sword fighting & jumping off sofas during these Pan-phases. Dad is always the dastardly Captain Hook, RJ is of course The Pan, and I’m usually enrolled to make ticking noises (either crocodile or octopus, depending on which film we’ve just watched) Why I don’t get to be flying Wendy I don’t know.

I love that he likes films where we can read the story as well (check out the beautiful pop up story book pictures at the end) but this one always makes me a bit sad. The boy who never grows up. And my boy always says, every time, “I wish I could fly Mummy, but it isn’t real is it?”

I wish it was.


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  1. Peter Pan is one of my favourite books of all time and I also love the films that have been released. The book you have die you little one look very fun. I can’t wait until Mimi is of an age where she can begin to read and take after me. I love books. Great post lovely. I hope you have lots of fun recreating parts of the book with them!!! #TwinklyTuesdays

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