The Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Northern Mam, who nominated me for a Liebster Award! Yeah Baby!

The Liebster Award is something you pass around between other newbie bloggers (a bit like the flu during Freshers Week at uni, only the side effect is feeling pleased not half-dead) It’s a classic Q&A, you answer theirs, then you pose your own to the other newbies you nominate (and you copy the badge, because bloggers LOVE a badge. Especially one that says ‘Award’ on it)

So, here’s dem rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.
  • Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post.
  • Answer the ten questions the person who nominated you asked.
  • Nominate 10 new bloggers that you want to share with the world.
  • Then create ten new questions for the bloggers you are nominating
  • Notify the bloggers that you have nominated by carrier pigeon. Or wevs.

And here are my answers to Northern Mam’s questions.

1 – What has been your happiest moment and why?

I know I’m supposed to say when the boy was born, but to be honest it was all a bit gross and painful and undignified and lost in a haze. So my other happiest moment – the one I can remember with crystal clarity, the place I go to if you ever have to do those frightful meditation things on team building days, is Lake Malawi. I was with an amazing group of people, the weather was glorious and we were playing volleyball with a back drop of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I was free.

2 – If you rubbed a lamp and a genie popped out, what would your three wishes be?

My three wishes would be a driving licence and the ability not to cry at roundabouts, loads of filthy lucre, and a cure for cancer.

3 – Which book has had the most influence on you?

Hmm…dunno really. I read voraciously but I can’t say I’m ever influenced by them. Unless influenced means influenced to find the nearest loo because I’m wetting myself laughing, because that would be Bill Bryson. His book Down Under: Travels on a Sunburned Continent nearly gave me a hernia. I was reading it on a plane and could not stop laughing. The guy next to me was getting really pissed off with me but as far as I was concerned it was a just revenge for his flab changing the movie channels on my arm rest remote.

4 – What has been your scariest moment?

Jumping out of a plane. I’m terrified of heights, but I made myself do it. There are some opportunities you just shouldn’t turn down. My sister loved it, I turned green.

5 – If you were a food, what would you be?

I’m not sure I fancy being eaten, so I’ll say something really grim, like spinach bleark.

6 – If you could say anything to your boss, what would you say?

If I could say anything to one of my old bosses, it would be why the heck am I doing all your work you lazy bitch! Another one would be, stop bullying me you dried up old witch and go get laid.

7 – What’s your biggest dream in life?

To write books.

8 – If you could slap one person and totally get away with it, who would it be?

Donald Trump. I’d slap him so hard his stupid gerbil hair would fly off.

9 – What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

Probably skinny dipping. Once the full nud, with 7 other people on Fraser Island in Australia (which was a bit stupid considering all the tiger sharks and jellyfish, though we only went up to our knees) and the other time was in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. I think I kept my pants on that time, but that was also a bit silly because we probably would have been arrested and locked up if caught! It was bloody brilliant though.

 10 – Would you rather fight a 50 ft bear, or 50 1 ft bears?

I would rather fight one 50 ft bear, as I assume he would eat me in one gulp as opposed to being nibbled to death by many small bears.

And for my nominations!

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The fabby Dais Like These

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The most alpha Beta Mummy I know (cyberly)

Rachel Bustin, who I collared off twitter, mwahahah

I’m supposed to nominate some OTHER people as well but everyone I ask has had the cheek to have ALREADY done one! Honestly. So I’ll post this on various linkies, and if you wanna join in please grab my badge and answer my 10 questions! (Badge code at bottom of blog – my very first one! I used this ridiculously easy website – who knew it was so simple?!)


  1. What would you call your alter-ego?
  2. What magical power do you wish you had?
  3. What is the best cheese?
  4. Who would you most like to snog?
  5. What is your favourite item of clothing and why?
  6. Name your top three bloggers
  7. What needs inventing asap?
  8. Who do you pretend to hate but secretly love?
  9. What’s that smell?
  10. What’s the stupidest bit of ‘essential’ baby kit you bought?
The Liebster Award
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14 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have been impatiently waiting to get involved! Love your answers, really made me laugh, especially the idea of you being spinach. For the record, I love spinach!! xxx

  2. Nice answers! Sounds like you’ve had some adventures. God braver than me…I wouldn’t even dabble a toe in the water round Fraser Island…tiger sharks and jelly fish and raging currents, no thanks! Great questions too…and yes, what IS that smell? #pocolo

  3. Love the answers. The bit about arm flab made me laugh. That’s some talented flab!

    I’ve had my Liebster Award but I’ll answer one of your questions.

    That smell is the warm milky aroma of a fresh nappy mixed with the rapidly disappearing clean smell of laundry. Sigh.


  4. Hope you get lots of willing candidates! Ah, slapping Donald Trump, the stuff dreams are made of, maybe you could set the bears on him?? Lake Malawi sounds amazing! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFabulous

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