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We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? All over social media. Little poppet’s first tooth, they rolled over, stood, spoke, walked. Wiped their own bum. Ok, I’m guilty of all the above except the last one. That really is TMI.

Now RJ is at school, he’s starting to learn so many new skills, and this term especially he’s really starting to ‘get’ reading. You can see it clicking in his head and he’s so proud with himself.

I’m really proud of him too, but something was stopping me sharing anything like I used to. I’m not sure what it is – has the Mum Brag been replaced by the Mum Shaming? The Motherhood Challenge recently has brought this up again, it’s been seen as showing off, bragging, being inconsiderate of those less lucky than you.

If we lived our lives considering every person we might inadvertently offend, we would live very sorry lives indeed. Why shouldn’t we be sickeningly proud of these amazing little creatures we produce? They may hit their milestones at different times, or have different milestones entirely from each other, but it makes absolutely no difference. All of them are amazing, every single one has their own challenges, their own personality, their own unique brilliance. And we love them intensely – of course we are going to be proud of them, and want to share our pride in them.

If you don’t like it, you know where the unfollow – or indeed! – unfriend button is.

So here’s my unashamed Mum-Brag for this week – this comment the boy got in his reading book. SO PROUD.


Pink Pear Bear


20 thoughts on “The Mum Brag

  1. Agreed we should be showing off these precious moments. They’re never going to happen again and that little human came out your body!!! You have bragging rights just becaus of that. #bestandworst

  2. My son has global delay and is awaiting assessment for autism but I don’t get offended when people brag about their kids. A twang of sadness sometimes maybe, but definately not offended. People should be proud of their kids and they have a right to boast/brag about them on their own social media. As you said quite rightly if people are that easily offended and don’t like it they can just stop following you.


      1. So true. Just the other day I wrote a status about how proud I was of Harry having learnt how to respond to “What is your name?” Something we had been working on for weeks and you can bet your arse I was so proud of him and wanted the whole of social media to know it 😉 No big deal to most parents of four year olds but to me it was definately brag worthy 🙂

  3. So true. I’ve waited my entire life to be a mum. Every day Little Miss amazes me with something new, a drawing, new word a gift of a flower. I’m not ashamed to be proud of her; infact I could shout it from the rooftops!

  4. It’s gone full circle hasn’t it? From bragging to fear of bragging and shame! I think you are right – we work hard to bring these little ones up and want them to do well so why not be proud and tell the world? Well done Ryan and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  5. I agree totally, it’s a fine line we tightrope along isn’t it? The burning desire to shout about our little cherubs amazing brilliance and the worry that you’ll sound braggy, upset someone, be thought of as a bit of a bore. I think it’s great to celebrate them and I too am blown away by the amazing leaps that that my daughter is progressing in at primary school. Brag on Mama! We’re happy to hear it at the #bigpinklink

  6. Its a tough one, it can go the other way too, and sometimes when I want to have a massive moan about how much I want to cage my children at the bottom of the garden and not look at them for an hour, then I remember some people can’t have any. Its so hard to be considerate of others, but also be able to be real and experience your own emotions! Be proud, he’s done well this week! xxx #thebigpinklink

  7. I do find myself guilty of posting when Isla hits an important milestone; but oddly I held back with her saying her first word at 9 months as I don’t want the judgement or people to think I am being show-offy as she has hit that milestone early. I’ve actually had people comment to me in person when I talk about her that my mum-eyes see her doing more than she could possibly be for her age, or when she is a bit behind someone will comment on Facebook informing me how their little bundle achieved that when they were much younger! I totally get what you’re saying! #TwinklyTuesday

  8. It’s so difficult isn’t it but you should definitely be shouting about how proud you are! They aren’t little for long and it’s so lovely to appreciate all their achievements and milestones. If anyone has an issue with that it really is their problem! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you, I need to just do what I want really, because it’s not showing off, it’s genuinely just wanting to share, which is what social media is for!! 🙂 X

  9. I just think it’s all about balance. When you see a mum doing nothing BUT bragging all day every day over social media then it’s pretty grating, plus I start to question how genuine it is too – is she trying to make up for something or hide her real woes? But the occasional brag when your child has done something awesome should be utterly celebrated!

    I focus most on keep things real – I share brilliant moments with my son on FB but also lots of parenting fails too – just to keep things honest lol!

    Congratulations to your little one on the reading – that is brilliant! Brag away 😀 x #bigpinklink

  10. I love the mum brag but agree it’s a fine line sometimes. I think you should totally brag about this though, I am going to be SUPER proud the day Emma starts to read! xx

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