Tomorrow, tomorrow!

I am SO excited for tomorrow!!! Finally finally finally I get to meet some of the awesome women I’ve been talking to for months. I’ll meet even more of them on Saturday.

I’m also a bit nervous though. I don’t know if any of you ever dabbled your toes into the murky waters of online dating, messaging blurry pictured boys with excitement pounding in your veins, creating a brilliant online rapport, only to arrange a date and…..meh. My finding was always that the frogs in the online dating pond are a) invariably 2 inches shorter than they say they are, unless they are over 6″1, when they start to shave 2 inches off instead. Or they are a lot older, considerably balder, or just plain not the same person (that only happened once). However, it wasn’t all bad – I’m actually marrying one of the frogs who hopped into my life one night seven years ago (even if he is 5″8 and not 5″10)

So, will that happen tomorrow and Saturday? Will the kind, supportive, hilarious women I’ve come to love in all their online glory, turn out to be different in person? I really don’t think so. Will I live up to their expectations of me? Which can’t be particularly high admittedly, since I am blunt and oblivious to all kinds of social niceties at the best of times…but I live in hope. I think it will be completely brilliant and I can’t wait.



6 thoughts on “Tomorrow, tomorrow!

  1. Argh, now having read this I am really nervous!! I am off to brush up on my best chat-up lines! It will be fab – fingers crossed!

  2. I think everyone is pretty “real” in this little blogging world so I don’t think will have any Cat Fish. ; ) look forward to meeting you!

  3. I’m feeling more nervous zilla, I feel like I have a pit in the bottom of my stomach, though not sure if that’s going back to work related or daughter going into nursery related. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday for some champers!! X x

  4. Love it, and love the online dating comparison. I can only hope that BML will be NOTHING like online dating. I have a very extensive history with the latter and nothing to show for it but a collection of horror stories.

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