We Need To Have Hope

Everyone is throwing their two cents in it seems. We all have an opinion about what is going on, all that way across the ocean.

We are terrified of Trump. He’s become a bogey man, a loose canon. Nuclear war is now a reality.

But should we take a reality check?

Maybe, just maybe, he was acting. Hamming it up, treating it as a game. Maybe he honestly didn’t expect to get elected. Maybe he’s not the cretin he’s made himself look like.

Take the recently unearthed photos found in a thrift store – pictures that show a loving father and husband. A man who clearly adores his children. A man who changes their nappies. Is that the real man?

That meme, the one that says “If I ever ran for president, I would run as a Republican” You know the one; showing a younger, lounging Trump – a braggart, boasting of stupid people lapping up his lies. That is not a real quote. No sound bite, no printed words – People Magazine haven’t a clue where it came from. It’s a lie.

His campaign was disgusting. His misogyny is disgusting. His stupid, stupid ┬áracist words and bullying ways are disgusting. But the people we see (or hear) on camera often aren’t the real people. Could it have been an act?

His acceptance speech was gracious, with no hint of the braggart. It talks of a rebuilding and a reuniting of America, an America with strong relationships and a calm outlook.

What if that actually happened? Maybe we are utterly wrong about the real Donald Trump. Maybe he’s fooled us all.

I know you will all think that I’m a deluded idiot, but I have to choose hope. I hope we are wrong about Donald Trump.



2 thoughts on “We Need To Have Hope

  1. I really hope that we are wrong too, and that some good comes of this hot mess. Claire x #triballove P.S this is the first Trump post I’ve read today, and I think you’ve summarised it brilliantly.

  2. Hmmm, I agree we need to be positive now and hope! What is the alternative. He is a master manipulator of the press and knows what to do to get coverage. What is worrying is that this meant he had to be racist, sexist etc etc and that it was these views that saw him get elected. If we heard someone talking like him in the street then we would think their outrageous and possibly mad. We would then avoid them. We can’t avoid Trump.

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