What Mumzilla says VS what Mumzilla means

What you say and what you mean can often be very different things. Here’s some of my favourite examples.

“Mummy, what is that you are eating?”

Mumzilla says “It’s spicy, you wouldn’t like it”

Mumzilla means “There’s no way I’m sharing this with you, toerag”

“Mummy, why have you locked the door”

Mumzilla says “Because I’m on the toilet”

Mumzilla means “Because I’m playing Candy Crush and I’m sick of your incessant pestering”

“Mummy, why do I have to eat spinach?”

Mumzilla says “Because it’s very good for you and delicious”

Mumzilla means “Because it’s very good for you but I wouldn’t eat that shit if you paid me”

It’s spicy, you wouldn’t like it.

10 thoughts on “What Mumzilla says VS what Mumzilla means

  1. I told NG today that the shop didn’t sell duck food on Mondays. I just wanted to leave the sodding park. All this is so true … long may our (white) lying continue. #chucklemums

  2. Brilliant. My son isn’t speaking properly yet (still)….however, I just know a flood of lies will leave my mouth when he starts asking questions!! #chucklemums

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