What’s new, 2019?

Well here we are again, another New Year! 


I feel like I should have a recap of everything I achieved in 2018. Managed to keep both the boy and the dog alive, neither malnourished though perhaps hygienically dubious at times. Both are anti-hair-washing. 


Still not writing the book, but I did randomly throw an application at a writing course two days before the end of the year so I guess that’s a smidgeon of movement in an upward direction. I very very much doubt I’ll get in judging on the calibre they expect, but at least I actually tried and let someone else read something I’ve written. It’s the first time I’ve even had a proper idea so that’s something. Only been wanting to do it for about 33 years. 


I turned 38 last month, which I’m not actually bothered about at all. I spent all of 36 thinking I was already 37 so I feel like I’ve gained a year and I’ve never minded getting older – too many lovely people don’t get that chance and I’m never going to whine about it. And birthdays mean presents!! 


I haven’t actually posted for ages (did anyone miss me? Anyone? *echoes*) because I’m seriously contemplating giving up on this blogging all together.  I don’t have the right skill set to make it massively successful and I’ve really really gone off social media, which is pretty much 70% of the job. My phone was giving me screen reports saying I’d been spending 6 hours a day on my phone. 6!!! That’s horrific and I’m sure it’s the cause of some of my mental issues these past couple of years – it needs to end. I’ve deleted all the apps off my phone, no more mindless scrolling. If I keep blogging – and I may – I’ll do it from desktop only and sitting down properly at my desk (she says, sitting in her dressing gown on the sofa half watching Match of the Day)


I still haven’t passed my driving test, but I did start driving again last year. I had a horrorshow panic attack outside the test centre of my last test in early 2017 and couldn’t even face getting in a car again for a year, but I’m back behind the wheel (automatic this time to see if that makes a difference to my nerves) and I passed my theory test again, so 2019 will definitely see another test or 5. I’m going to ask the Dr for betablockers as well, because I’ve been a perfectly competent driver for the past four years I just go to pieces in the test situation – it’s beyond frustrating and the stress of the test bleeds into all the driving, which makes it so anxiety inducing you wouldn’t believe. 


2019 has got off to a nice enough start – we went to see The Book of Mormon which was bloody brilliant. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and we even got accosted by real life shiny Mormons outside the theatre! Hilarious. My great aunt was a Mormon, I wonder how that happened…


The boy went back to school without too much fuss and I’m hoping this term goes better than last, they expect a lot more of them this year and he’s definitely found it frustrating at times and it’s been upsetting but I have every faith in him. 


I think I made some resolutions this time last year, doubt I stuck to any of them. But what the hey!


2019 Resolutions:


Train the dog to not be a headcase

Keep Driving



Fingers crossed…


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