Where did everyone go?

As a recently engaged person I sat down all excitedly and started writing my half of the guest list. There I was happily scribbling when I realised something. I haven’t seen half of these buggers in AGES.

I was the first person in my circle of friends to have a baby (it wasn’t planned. Ahem)

I have since realised that I emerged from a 2 year fog of interrupted/zero sleep, nappies and sore tits with fuck all mates.

All but one of my university friends, people I had known and regularly met up with before literally have never spoken to me again since I had RJ. I have very recently reconnected and been for a drink with two of them (2 more made excuses), but I’m not sure of the point. I’m not sure I understand why they stopped calling, or texting, or even just sending me a sodding Facebook invitation once in a blue moon.

I know it’s a two way street, but surely it’s a given that when someone has a baby, they are essentially broken until said baby starts sleeping? I suppose for most people this is much less than 2 years…do people with well behaved babies keep all their friends or was I that awful pestering person people only saw because I pestered? Did I pester? I can’t even remember.

Maybe I’m just a boring bugger. I will try not to lose any (more) sleep over it – I can console myself with the thought that at least the wedding will be cheaper*

*cries and plays very small violin.


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