Where did I put my brain?

No, seriously, where did I put it?

I used to be pretty smart. I was the annoying friend who remembered that time you tripped up the stairs and flashed your pants in year seven. I could go somewhere once, and then remember the way every time after. I could multi-task.

Now? Forget it. Literally.

I have forgotten the boy’s book bag twice in the last week. I forget what I went upstairs for. I have to write things down or *poof* gone.

What is with that?

I think it started in late pregnancy. I started my maternity leave with a pile of books to read and every intention of finishing my own story that I’ve been planning for the last 15 years. And what happened? I wasn’t capable of anything more than sitting on the sofa gawping at Criminal Minds. It was like the boy was literally siphoning off my brain cells in utero.

Then came the sleep deprivation. I could barely get dressed, let alone remember which class we had planned. I forgot to check us in to our first holiday flights online and we nearly missed the plane. I stood friends up because I either forgot we had made plans or even what day it was. It was hellish.

But what excuse do I have now? He’s 5! Is it my under active thyroid (also caused by pregnancy, thanks boy)? Or have I got the dreaded Mum-Brain? Mine’s as dappy as a box of badgers, is that my future?

Has anyone else got the Mum-Brain, are there any cures?! HELP!

The Brain Cells Thief


4 thoughts on “Where did I put my brain?

  1. Hah hah! I don’t think you’re alone. I too am suffering with this syndrome and my girls are 4 and 2! I’ve forgotten my eldest’s book bag and water bottle several times and failed to pick up the lunch box of my youngest a fair few times that it’s now getting embarrassing! I think it’s simply that we have too much going on in our heads now that we have offspring along with everything else to deal with!! I’m not sure of a cure, but let me know if you find one! #TwinklyTuesday

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