Win a signed copy of All The Little Things

Long time social followers may have noticed a change in the blog (well, okay, a lack of any blogging except some book reviews recently) but that’s because I’ve finally done it – wrote that novel. 

To celebrate I’m giving away a signed copy of my – quote! – ‘darkly delicious and sexy thriller’ oh yes that’s right haha. It was even ‘Read of the week’ in Heat Magazine!! AN ACTUAL REAL MAGAZINE. They reckon it’s a ‘hugely atmospheric debut’. Omg.

Anyway I hate self promotion (hence being such a rubbish blogger) but I still want to do a giveaway. As well as the signed copy I’ve got ten eBooks to send to lucky readers…hurrah!

Here’s the rules:

  • UK entries only (sorry, postage)
  • Use the comp thing below

That’s it! Good luck!



Win A Signed Copy of All The Little Things

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