World Breastfeeding Week

So, it’s world breastfeeding week hey. Good topic for a #throwbackthursday methinks.


That is my initial memory of breasfeeding. It bloody hurt. My poor nips cracked and bled. What saved me in the end was nipple protectors – blessed relief! Then the cracks healed up, the boy got bigger, I started holding him higher so he wasn’t dragging on my skin and happy days. It stopped hurting.

Then when the boy was about 9 months old, my milk started to dry up and the let down was taking forever. M was angry with me for continuing as R wasn’t gaining a lot of weight (he never did and never has! He’s a slight little thing even now, though he is still growing like a weed) so I gave up. I wish I hadn’t. Breastfeeding is just SO convenient. I have no shame, so public feeding never bothered me (M hated me doing it though, silly man – it’s not like you can see anything except baby’s head, unless you’ve got a thrashy baby. Which R wasn’t) It turned out later that my thyroid had packed up, which had caused my milk to dry up. Bloody thyroid – it made all my sodding eyebrows fall out as well!

My main memory of breastfeeding is one of achievement. I was so utterly determined to do it, even while it was hurting so badly I wanted to cry, and I didn’t give up until I’d got the hang of it. I’m not a gritting my teeth and bearing it type either. I have so many shoes I have worn once (or never, ahem) because of the fear of blisters, yet I managed to persevere with knife-stabbing agony because I knew it would be so much easier than washing all those sodding bottles and heating up milk. Grub on tap, what’s not to like?

I worry that posts like this seem gloaty. I’m not gloaty, but I am proud. It would have been easy to give up (I don’t go in for all this formula is poison bollocks) but I knew that there was endless washing up and sterlizing to be saved if I stuck with it and I was right. Lazy oiks unite!

I was looking for a picture of me breastfeeding, but I don’t have any. Why didn’t I take any?

So here is one where, I have LITERALLY just realised despite it being on facebook for 4 years, that you can see a breast pad sticking out my top! Ahh, leaky boob days of yore! How I miss them!







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3 thoughts on “World Breastfeeding Week

  1. Zach was a wriggler when he fed but I adored feeding him. I gave up because he was too hungry and I couldn’t manage on feeding him every two hours, 24 hours a day! It was killing me so I had to give up. I missed it so much though, that special time. I have a few photos of my milk drunk baby asleep on my book and I love them! Love your nipple pad slip hehe! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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