Your Earliest Memory

What is your earliest memory?

I can remember playing amongst sunflowers, tall and bright, that were planted in a bed with a terracotta border. I was barefoot, and I trod on a thorn.

I spoke to my Mum about this, and she refuses to believe I could possibly remember it because she remembers it – and she remembers she was pregnant with my sister, and we were still in Saudi Arabia. I was only two. But I do remember. I remember the thorn in my foot. She says it was a tiny little thing, barely even penetrating the skin, but in my memory it was massive!

This made me wonder what the  boy’s first memory will be. He’s five (and a quarter!) and so he must have something stored up. I wonder what it might be?

Will it be a holiday we’ve been on? Will he remember curling up against me and me reading him The Twits, putting on funny voices for all the characters? Always cockney for some reason. His stories always end up sounding like they are being read by the cast of EastEnders.

Maybe he’ll remember his first day of school, being lead away from us with his friend Jacob, hands clasped together tightly, but not looking back.

Maybe he’ll remember his Daddy kissing him, and tickling him with his beard until he screamed with laughter.

I hope he doesn’t remember the times he’s driven me to distraction and I’ve shouted at him, or when he’s been sent to his room for some sort of bad behaviour.

I hope his first memory is a happy one. Even though my first memory is one of sudden pain, at least there were sunflowers.





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15 thoughts on “Your Earliest Memory

  1. I too have a really early memory! We were on Blackpool beach on holiday and my sister and I were running down to the sea excitedly and our mum was chasing behind us. I know I was young because I specifically remember I had just a Micky mouse jumper and a nappy on so can’t have been more than 2! My mum also refuses to believe I remember it ha. I’m sure our children’s first memories will be happy ones ❤️

    1. I hope so – that sounds like a happy memory. I also remember knocking my drink into my dinner when I was very small – the peas were floating! Thank you for commenting <3

  2. Aww this is lovely – I often think the same thing, my little girl is only one and all these things we’re doing together now she won’t remember. It’s funny because my first memory was at 2 as well, we moved to the UK from Hong Kong and I remember standing in the hallway which seemed so huge to me and looking up at my Dad. I hope E’s first memories are happy ones too 🙂 #triballove

  3. A really great memory – love Sunflowers. My first memory was when I was four and my first day of school- which i didn’t actually attend! The teacher came around to my house looking for me ( the school was 2 houses away from us) and my dad told her I wasn’t going in today and he let me stay home. I had the best day with him. He made me go the second day though.

    #triballove xx

  4. Oh a lovely post. My first memory is of waking up on Christmas Day to find my mum and dad going to hospital because my brother was on his way. My brother has always had awful timing, awkward git! My nan wasn’t pleased as it meant that she had to cook Christmas dinner. Haha. I’m sure the boy will have a wonderful first memory x

  5. That’s a fab memory! I think mine is aged 3 at nursery, it’s very vague but I can remember the teacher building a bike and us all lining up to take turns. My eldests first memory is of his second birthday, right down to which toys he got and what cake he had, which freaks me out a little as I don’t remember anywhere near that age! #KCACOLS

  6. My earliest memory is when my sister was born when I was three. Which sounds really soppy until I say I don’t remember anything about my sister or the birth just on the way to the hospital my aunt making me and my older sister share a carton of Kia-Ora when I wanted one to myself.

    I can remember how livid I was. I’m still livid about it now. Probably should get over it.


    1. My earliest memory of my sister is me blaming her for the drawings that appeared on the walls behind my grandparents sofa…she was only 6 months old so it was unlikely that she was in fact the suspect…!

  7. oh at least there were sunflowers! What a lovely idea for a post – I’m going to go ask my teens what their earliest memory is – hmmm depending on what it is I may or may not report back! #KCACOLS

  8. I have never really given much thought to my children’s first memories, until now. Like you say I really hope it will be something lovely, something that they can treasure. My first memory is being sat on my Grandmothers knee on Christmas day, all the family were together singing on a new tape karaoke machine!


  9. My first memory is brining a cucumber from the weekly shopping out to my dad who was pottering about in the shed. I had to show him the cucumber! I remember the shoes I was wearing and the garden path felt long and thin as I walked down to him. I was about two as well. My daughter is almost 3 and I hope her first memory is a happy one too #KCACOLS

  10. My first memory is when I was around 2 as well. I’d dialed 911 (don’t remember that part), but I do remember the jet black hair of the tall paramedic who told me that I should never do that except for an emergency.
    Now I’m starting to wonder what my son’s first memory will be. He’s 15 months old, so I wonder what his memory is like now…
    Very interesting! #kcacols

  11. I’ve often wondered about this. My son is 5, and he went to a local nursery when he was 2 and a half for a few months and he has no memory of it at all! Maybe he’s just blocked it out though as he used to scream when I left him in the morning! x #KCACOLS

  12. I love this post. We lose so many memories. I can’t remember much of my childhood to be honest or not with so many details really! I am sure your boy will have a good memory!

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