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I’ve been hoping for a tag in this one for a while – interviews with your kids are always comedy gold (remember that embarrass your parents segment on Noel’s House Party?!) Thanks Sam at Mouse, Moo & Me Too!

The #LittleOnes Q&A tag was originally created by Emily from My Petit Canard as a way to mark her daughter’s birthday, and I think it would be great to do a similar one every birthday.

Anyway, here’s the boy!

How Old Are You?

I am five. And a half! (we are at that age where fractions are suddenly of vital importance)

When Is Your Birthday?
March, on the 3rd. Next month? (you wish)

How Old Is Daddy?

How Old Is Mummy?
35 (correct on both counts) (unfortunately)

What’s Your Favourite Colour?
Green (it’s always been green!)

What’s Your Favourite Food?
Chef Barrington’s fish and chips, but my tongue hurts. (Chef Barrington is the cook at his school, makes me laugh! And he bit his tongue 🙁 )

What’s Your Favourite Drink?
Squash. And orange juice. (He doesn’t like fizzy drinks, he thinks they are “spicy”!)

Who’s Your Best Friend?

Jacob. And Rosie. (tomorrow he will say he doesn’t like Jacob, they seem to have a love hate relationship. He’s always loved Rosie though!)

What’s Your Favourite Programme?
The Little Vampire (this is actually a film, but he loves watching things repeatedly)

What’s Your Favourite Song?
Beat It by MJ. (He actually said MJ…I have no idea where he got that from)

What’s Your Favourite Animal?
Cat (My Mum now has a big cat called Alan, who Rian loves)

What Is your Favourite Book?
Monster School. (there’s a distinct theme here – the boy adores anything scary)

What Are You Scared Of?
Ghosts. (Me too!!)

What Makes You Happy?
Going to places like Jump. (trampolining place)

What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do?.

Practise fishing with Daddy.

Where Is Your Favourite Place To Go?

What Do You Want To Do Today?
Give my Mummy lots of cuddles (Little charmer)

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
A policeman.

What Do You Like Helping Mummy Do?

What Do You Like Helping Daddy Do?

What Is Your Favourite Thing About Mummy?
When you take me to places like jump.

What Is Your Favourite Thing About Daddy?
Taking me to places like South End. (My child is a mercenary)


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Whimsical Mumblings

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  1. Oi, you didn’t bloody thank the blogger who tagged you, let alone link to her blog! Rules are there to be adhered to Anyway this was a great read – lol at MJ. Mouse also uses the word spicy to denote anything a bit strange tasting. Chef Barrington sounds all kinds of awesome.

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