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Encourage Children To Play With Their Food

Encouraging my child to play with food is one of my main goals. I want him to be able to cook, and to enjoy healthy food. So I was so, so pleased that I (and my #chucklemums co-conspirator Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine) managed to get sponsorship from Yutaka, a leading Japanese food company. I love Japanese food, and soon so will the boy!

Here’s  a bit more about my sponsor, and about their bargainous sushi starter kit!

Yutaka Sushi Starter Kit Perfect Way To Introduce Healthy Eating

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Sushi is a simple way to get kids involved in making and eating healthy nutritious food. Leading UK-based Japanese food company, , has created an authentic Sushi Starter Kit that contains all the basics you’ll need* to create 12 delicious nori rolls.

The kit includes boil-in-the-bag sushi rice, seasoning, two nori sheets, ginger, soy sauce and a rolling mat together with illustrated instructions. All you need to add is your favourite fillings, be it cucumber, cream cheese, smoked salmon or whatever takes your fancy.

Children love the fact they can get all messy whilst making sushi and the health benefits are great too.

Nori (seaweed, which is used to wrap the rolls is abundant in health benefits and is considered an ancient superfood. As well as being really tasty, it provides loads of essential nutrients, is packed with dietary fibre, improves bone and dental health, is high in iron and rich in protein. Wasabi, ginger and soy sauce have all been found to have a variety of benefits too.

The beauty of Yutaka’s ingredients is that they’re all made in the traditional way, which means they feature a lot less additives than some other brands.

The Sushi Starter kits has an RRP of £4.00 and is available from Sainsburys and other good food retailers as well as online via Amazon.







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